Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lush Ocean Salt

One of Mobile's glaring faults is that it does not have a Lush store.  I was not even aware that Lush existed until a few short years ago.  I was visiting a friend in the D.C. area, told her I needed to get a gift for my mother, and she suggested the Lush store in Georgetown.  La, I was mesmerized.  I ended up getting Karma Cream, which is now one of my mother's favorites.  I've blind ordered some other Lush products from online since then, but nothing really substitutes for in store sampling.

The Lush store in Minneapolis is where I first met Ocean Salt scrub.  The store clerk gave me a hand treatment that involved scrubbing with Ocean Salt, followed by Lemon Cuticle Cream and Dream Creme.  I, of course, subsequently purchased all three.  Ocean Salt scrub contains lime-infused vodka, sea salt, avocado and coconut fats.  Yes, for every 440 pounds of Ocean Salt produced, 11 pounds of vodka infused limes are used.  This scrub is supposed to be ideal for skin with blocked pores, blackheads, and blemishes. Perfect!  The photo below shows some of the fruit being processed for Lush products.

I love how Ocean Salt smells - a bit like vodka tonics at the beach.  Who knew that vodka was good for the skin?  Apparently you can even use it as a skin toner in a pinch.  Would that be when you wake up hung over, sans overnight bag, in a well stocked house?  I don't know, but if you are ever in that situation, now you know.
The salt granules used are sea salt, so they are large enough that you want to scrub gently so as not to irritate your skin.  After I scrub my face, I leave on for a minute or so while I use the residue on my hands.  Ocean Salt can be used as a body scrub as well, but at $34.95 for the large size tub, I save it for my face and hands.  After using, my face feels uber soft and refreshed.  Strangely, I also feel more cheerful. 

All Lush products indicate who they were made by as well as an expiration date.  Shelf life for Ocean Salt is about one year, which is about how long it will take me to completely use mine up.