Monday, February 6, 2012

Tarte LipSurgence Natural Lip Tints

LipSurgence in Dazzled, Perky, Enchanted, Glitzy, Swank
Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tints are designed to give lips a wash of color as they condition and moisturize.  Tarte claims that after 28 days of use, these are clinically proven to increase lip moisture content by 6000%.  However, they provide no study details so color me skeptical.  I can say that they are not drying like a lipstick and they do feel good on my lips.  They contain jojoba seed oil for conditioning, peppermint oil which gives them a slight tingle and nice taste, vitamin C to fight free radicals and oxidative stress, and vitamin E as a natural preservative that also acts as an anti-inflammatory and brightens skin.  They also do not contain some of the common "bad” ingredients, such as mineral oil, paraben, or phthalates.  Wear time on these is about average, but considering I’m always sipping on something, that is always hard for me to accurately determine. 

LipSurgence has three different lines – lip tint, lip luster, and lip matte.  Lip mattes are the newest and I haven’t tried those yet, but they are billed as more pigmented, so if the lip tints or lip lusters are too sheer for you the lip mattes might be a good option.  I got most of my LipSurgence’s in a holiday offering that contained five lip tints for $29, which was a great price considering they are individually priced at $24 each (I gave one away, so only 4 are shown).  The small one was part of a Tarte “Try Me” collection. 

The only thing I don’t like about the swivel pencil design are the caps – they crack easily, like when you  put them back on.  You can see in this photo that the cap is cracked, and after I photographed this one and was putting it away the cap separated from the pencil, the pencil went flying and ended up on the floor.  With three dogs, my house has more than its fair share of dog hair, so lip tint on the floor is NOT a good thing.  At $24 a pop, a flimsy and easily cracked cap shouldn’t happen, so I hope Tarte rectifies this in the future.    Other than the cap issue, I’m liking LipSurgence lip tints!       

Swank lip tint
Dazzled lip luster

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