Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Removing Nail Polish with Dove Chocolates

If you've ever worn glitter nail polish, you know what a pain it can be to remove.  There are several effective methods to help with the process, but my favorite involves Dove Dark Chocolates.  If you are a chocolate lover, then you are in mecca right now since Valentine's and chocolate go hand in hand, and heck, by tomorrow most of them will be half off.  

So, my process for removing difficult nail polish is to eat Dove Dark Chocolates, making sure to carefully remove and save the wrappers so they do not get torn. The wrappers are the perfect size to use for the tin foil method of removing polish, which involves using the wrapper around a saturated with polish remover cotton pad on your finger.  The wrapper keeps the cotton from drying out and in place for the several minutes it takes to effectively remove glitter polish.   

This really is a great scenario, as you get to treat yourself with chocolate while doing something that is normally a chore.  You are being earth friendly by recycling the wrappers (I can usually get several uses from a wrapper), which would otherwise just get thrown away.  Plus, they are prettier than plain tin foil.  So stock up on those half-priced chocolates tomorrow! 

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Hilariously brilliant! Now, I've cause for eating chocolate. All. The. Time.

    You made my day.