Monday, January 7, 2013

Tarte Fantastic Foursome Blush Set

I snagged this holiday set of Amazonian clay blushes by Tarte at my local Sephora just prior to Christmas.  I was surprised to find it, as they had sold out online long before.  Since I've only got two Amazonian clay blushes, I decided I'd better get it while I could to add to my collection!  The colors in this set are limited edition.

Stellar, Magic, Fantastic, Angelic
I've got some mixed feelings now that I've got it and have worn them for a few weeks.  The set is comprised of two matte blushes, the warmer coral Magic and the cooler pink Fantastic.  I found the pigmentation of these two to be a bit lacking, and it's reflected in my swatches.  It was hard to build up color on my arm, although I seem to have better results on my cheeks, which is where it really matters. 

The set also contains two shimmer shades which could be used as a contour shade and a highlighter, Stellar and Angelic.  These were the stars for me, surprisingly!  Perhaps I'm just partial to the shimmer clay blushes as opposed to the mattes, but Stellar and Angelic applied smoothly and had nice pigmentation. 

These are smaller than the regular Amazonian clay blushes, but still plenty big enough that it did not feel awkward using my brush with them.  They are fairly subtle but still pretty, and if you click on the picture below you can get a better view of the shimmer in Stellar and Angelic.
Swatches top to bottom:  Stellar, Magic, Fantastic, Angelic
I'm not seeing these for sale right now, but I wouldn't be surprised if they pop back up at some point in the future. 

Disclosure:  I purchased these.

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