Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bella Bronze Liquid Illuminator by Le Métier de Beauté

Bella, by Le Métier de Beauté, is a liquid bronzer that can be used on the face or body to give a sheer wash of color with a luminous glow.  As I mentioned in my preview of the Summer Kiss set, Bella is a now discontinued product.  However, Le Métier de Beauté periodically brings items back to The Beauty Vault, which is how I acquired it.  I've also seen it on ebay and other internet sale sites.
Housed in a .5 oz. pump bottle, the consistency is a thin liquid.  One pump is sufficient for the face, and I'm not planning on using it on my body because it was tres expensive - aka liquid gold :-)  Bella has a lovely scent that adds to the experience, although I don't smell it after applying.
Probably due to it being a discontinued item, it was hard to find an ingredients list, but I did piece together that is contains coconut oil, aloe vera, and wild carrot extract.  It also contains peanut oil, and I'm wondering if that contributed to it being discontinued, as some people are severely allergic to peanuts.  Despite the oils in the ingredients, it does not make my face look or feel greasy.
I've experimented with several different ways of using this, including using a stippling brush or my fingers to highlight my cheek bones, brow, and nose.  For all over application, the easiest way to apply was to mix it with my foundation and then apply the mixture using my foundation brush.  The effect is subtle and somewhat hard to capture in photographs, but I think it does impart a nice glow that enhances my complexion.
Bella mixed with Revlon's Colorstay Whipped Creme foundation in Warm Golden
I'll definitely use this during the summer and I'm glad I got to try it.  The Summer Kiss duo of Bella and Traviata was $75, and the regular sized Bella retailed for $85 when it was available.  Do I think it was worth that price?  Not particularly, although it's a very nice product!  I'm just not so sure that plenty of other less expensive liquid bronzer's can give the same affect, such as stila's One Step Bronze, which I've reviewed here
Tomorrow I'll have the companion piece of the Summer Kiss set to show you - Traviata.

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.


  1. Woah that is super pricey!! The sunkissed effect is worth it though (:

  2. Very smart mixing it with foundation!

  3. I don't understand it but I paid $45 for it at the Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills just a few weeks ago. Same size and everything. It had just come in that day. I wouldn't have paid $85 for it and MAYBE I would have done the GWP earlier in the year. I love the brand and it would have been easy to spend the necessary amount.

  4. I paid $45 for it the other week at the Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills. It had just come in that day. I wouldn't have paid $85 for it. I would have done the GWP earlier in the year because I love the brand and it would have been easy to spend the amount necessary to get the gift of the bronzer and blush/bronzer compact. I love this brand. Especially the Peau Verge Anti-Aging Tinted Treatment.

    1. Interesting! I'm getting the impression that LMDB is playing around with different ways to make their products more accessible, such as their VIP subscription program.