Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Haulin' v. 2 - Brown Sugar and Creamsicle Lip Butters plus Pink Pop Lip Gloss

I finally located a CVS where the sale items were clearly marked and still available!  I picked up 3 items - the lip butters Brown Sugar and Creamsicle, and the Pink Pop Super Lustrous lip gloss - all marked down 75%.  Two I really like and one not so much, buy hey - that's not bad!
Let's get the one I'm not crazy about out of the way first - Creamsicle.  I've seen swatches of this online where it looked pretty good, but it does nothing for me.  I do think it will work for blending with other lipsticks, but on it's own, it washes me out and has a tendency to settle into my lip lines.  It did do a good job of illustrating the hazards of living with a dog that is shedding her winter coat - or molting as I affectionately call it.  Check out the dog hair on the left hand side of the lip swatch:-)
Brown Sugar
I honestly was expecting Brown Sugar to be the one that wouldn't work for me, but it is nowhere near as brown as I was expecting.  It looks very natural on and makes for a nice "tanned" look, I think.  Both Creamsicle and Brown Sugar were not colors I was willing to pay full price for, but for $1.99 each, I'm willing to take that gamble.

Pink Pop is a medium pink cream that is very nice!  It feels smooth and hydrating on my lips and has good staying power for a gloss that is not that sticky.  I like, especially at $2.07!
I have no idea if these colors are being discontinued or what, but the huge discount makes me think it's highly likely.  Even more importantly, I now know which CVS to hit for makeup shopping, as everything was organized, clean, and clearly marked. 
My "faux tan" look, wearing Brown Sugar
Any great deals that you have found lately?

Disclaimer:  I purchased these.


  1. 1.99?!?!?! 0_o I am crying on the inside! the cheapest they got in canada was 4.99 ahhhhhhh T.T

    1. I feel for you Canadians, as you definitely get the wrong end of the stick when it comes to makeup prices!