Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Really Red Cream Blush by The All Natural Face

Really Red is the third of the four cream blushes that I originally bought from The All Natural Face.  It's a warm, dark red that looks a bit intimidating in the pan, but because these apply sheerly and can be built up to your desired intensity level, it was not hard to work with at all.  Composed of organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, candelilla wax, mica, titanium dioxide, boron nitride, and oxides,  it was hot out when these were shipped, so the clear liquid you see on the rim are the oils that seeped out. 
I've never worn Really Red's powder counterpart because I assumed it would be too dark for my complexion.  When I did the arm swatches, I found that the powder does apply with more intense color, although I'm sure using a lighter touch would result in a more delicate wash of color.  However, I did notice that the powder blush magnified skin irregularities more than the cream blush did, making it less forgiving.
Cream on top, powder on bottom
I like these cream blushes so much that I've since bought another four, and when choosing those colors, it struck me that the majority of blush colors carried by The All Natural Face seem to fall on the warmer side of the color spectrum.  I'd like to see a better selection of pink and coral shades, but beyond that, I'm really impressed with these.  They can be used as lip tints as well, although you will need some clear gloss on top as they feel and look a bit dry on the lips.
Reasonably priced at $$5.75, I'm really happy I checked these out!  I also read that these should have a relatively long shelf life even though they are preservative free, as they contain no water.  So, the part of me that likes to collect and try new colors doesn't have to worry about these going bad anytime soon :-)

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.

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  1. oh nice, the cream version does seem a bit more natural