Saturday, June 1, 2013

The All Natural Face Lip Glosses in Peppermint Stick, Copper Kisses, & Sassy Cherry

I've accumulated 3 glosses from The All Natural Face (TANF), so I thought it was time to do a review on them.  If you are not familiar with TANF, they make vegan cosmetics and bath and body products that are very reasonably priced.  I've become a fan of a lot of their products, but one of the biggest criticisms I've seen online and I've got to say is rather accurate, is that their online color photos and swatches are, um, not very helpful.  So, I'm slowly working my way through products I have to help add to the rather sparse swatches available online.  Hopefully they will help others in their shopping selections.
Peppermint Stick, Copper Kisses, Sassy Cherry
First off, TANF glosses are not my favorite.  They are thinner than I care for and last less than an hour on my lips.  However, if you hate sticky glosses, these may just be your cup of tea, as they are not sticky AT ALL.  Hence their lack of wear time, however.  On the plus side, they do not dry out my lips and I find them comfortable to wear for as long as they do last.  The ingredient list is quite simple:  Cold pressed castor oil, Candelillia wax, Mica, Oxide.  Peppermint Stick also contains peppermint essential oil and stevia, which makes it smell and taste quite nice.  I can't detect any smell or taste in the others.
Peppermint Stick, Copper Kisses, Sassy Cherry (shade)
Peppermint Stick, Copper Kisses, Sassy Cherry (sun)
These are sheer glosses that provide a bit of color with shimmer.  Sassy Cherry has the least amount of shimmer, but you can detect a bit in the tube.  I'm thinking I might use these more as a layering gloss over a creamy lipstick or perhaps my OCC lip tars, as the two combined may solve the short wear time.  TANF lip glosses are $4.60 each, and I got two of mine as part of my Eco Emi subscription box and purchased the other from TANF on sale for $3.25.  I'd like to see a bit more lasting power before I'd invest in any more.
Sassy Cherry
Disclaimer:  I purchased these. 


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    1. It's the only one that really showed up on my lips!

  2. I was surprised to see that Sassy Cherry was the shade on your lips - I was expecting a browner red! It looks lovely on. x