Monday, June 10, 2013

Haulin', v. 3

Ulta sent me an email last week telling me I had 100 pts that were expiring on the 8th, plus they were sending me an extra 100 pts to spend in store only (100 pts =$3.00).  So, I trudged over to Ulta an hour before closing time on Saturday to spend my $6.00.  They couldn't find a record of it in my online Ulta profile, but it turns out I have two profiles - one established in store and one from online.  Didn't know that was possible, but they said to definitely use the online profile going forward.
Sprung vs. Warm & Fozzie
I don't know how I passed up these two OPI polishes when they first came out, as I'm sure I saw swatches online.  Maybe I just needed to see them in person to appreciate their beauty, because I'm a bit mesmerized now.  Sprung is from the Mariah Carey collection, which I didn't really give a second look at as I wasn't interested in the textured polishes.  Mariah also irritates me a bit, so perhaps that had something to do with it.  But Sprung reminds me of one of my all time favorite polishes - Warm & Fozzie from the OPI Muppets collection.  There is a difference in tone, with Sprung leaning more red to Warm & Fozzie's brown.
The Living Daylights is just sheer gorgeousness in a bottle.  Those colors!  I could just sit and twirl the bottle endlessly, hypnotizing myself....oh, and OPI polishes are currently 2 for $15 at Ulta.
My last pick was Rimmel's Gossip Green scandalEYES shadow pencil, which I've been circling for a while now.  All told, worth the trip over and I'm glad I now know I've got two separate Ulta accounts!
Disclaimer:  I purchased these.

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  1. Oh living daylight looks very interesting! I bet it will look nice over the Sprung.