Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sampling Scent with Surrender to Chance

I've recently gotten back into wearing perfume, after a long stint of relying on scented oils or body lotions as my fragrance vehicle of choice.  So, I've been reading perfume blogs to educate myself about what's out there, and then ordering samples from a perfume sampling and fragrance decanting site called Surrender to Chance.
You may ask "why pay for samples?" when you can get free ones from makeup counters at department stores.  My response would be that I want to venture beyond mainstream fragrances that sell in department stores and discover some of the niche or indie perfumes available - and there is a plethora of them out there!
I've placed 3 orders at Surrender to Chance, usually when they are running a special of some sort.  The process has been a breeze and I love the pretty boxes that the samples come in!  The vials are securely cushioned in bubble wrap and I've had no issues with breakage or leaks thus far.
I've found a few favorites:  Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, Sonoma Scent Studio's Champagne de Bois, and Smellbent's Hungry Hungry Hippies standout right now.  I'm not one to stick to a signature scent, as variety is more important to me, as well as matching my scent to the whim of the day.  Consequently, these little vials are perfect and I can always order larger sizes of my favorites, as I recently did with Tobacco Vanille.  I don't have to invest in a full sized bottle that will not get used up, plus it feels luxurious to have such a selection to chose from!
Sizes available. Source:  Surrender to Chance
There are several perfume sampling companies on the Internet and Surrender to Chance is just the one I tried first.  I've been fortunate that there is only one scent that I've sampled that I could not stand - Tom Ford's discontinued Japan Noir - but that's also part of the journey of discovering what notes I like, or hate, as the case may be. 

What fragrances are your favorites right now?  Do you have a signature scent or is variety your spice of life?

Disclaimer:  I purchased these and have no affiliation with Surrender to Chance.


  1. I am a tad confused about this company, where do they get their supply? I didn't know you are allowed to sell perfume like this (most of the brands are very well know...).
    But check out chanel coromandel if you are into a very warm and vanilla-y scent, also chanel no. 19 is very sharp and fresh (I am terrible at describing scents), it's the only high end perfume I own personally.
    P.S. Just a bought a bunch of color tattoos because they were on sale :D

    1. Oh exciting, which Color Tattoos did you get?

      I think Surrender to Chance just decants bottles of perfume they buy from manufacturers. For example, I found this on their site "Because we do buy the large bottles and have different pricing, we can often provide you with a 30 ml spray for less than you can buy a 30 ml bottle for, if one is available."

      I like the sound of Coromandel - haven't heard of that one.

    2. Oh I see, I guess that's quite profitable.
      I picked up inked in pink (because of your review), edgy emerald, tenacious teal, pomegranate punk, and too cool :)