Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gemini Kiss Lip Kaleidoscope by Le Métier de Beauté

Gemini Kiss lip kaleidoscope was Le Métier de Beauté's last item for the 2013 VIP subscription program, which ends things with a bang! 
Gemini Kiss makes my 3rd lip kaleidoscope, along with Bauhaus and Red Rapture.  What makes this one a bit different are the half pans of color featuring eight separate lip shades, four with a softer glossy texture and four with a firmer lip cream formula.  I'm all about variety of choice, so this pleases me :-)
Going from top to bottom, we have:

Now for the swatches:
I'm so looking forward to playing with these with their multiple color combinations!  Based on previous experience, I'm a fan of  Le Métier de Beauté's gloss formula, and find them to be comfortable and fairly long wearing.  Lip Kaleidoscopes are $125(!) each, and this version of Gemini Kiss is exclusive to the VIP program.  There is another version of Gemini Kiss available at Neiman Marcus, or at least I'm assuming it's a different version based on their photos. 
/Happy Camper.


  1. woah, $95 is a hefty price! Then again, those shades are pretty spot on! ;)


    1. Yes, LMdB is nothing if not pricey :-) I'm really enjoying the textures of this one.