Wednesday, February 4, 2015

BECCA Beach Tint in Grapefruit

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
Described as a pale coral pink, Grapefruit is one of the lighter shades available in BECCA's Beach Tints.  It looks more peach or cantaloupe to me, and the effect is very natural on my cheeks.
These can also be worn on the lips, although I don't and prefer them as a blush.  The texture is a light creamy gel, and I find that they apply easily with fingers and do not disturb my underlying foundation.
I've been wearing Grapefruit quite a lot since I acquired it as part of the Tints 24/7 set from Sephora (no longer available), and my only complaint is that sometimes after I apply it, I think, "oh, that looks nice", and then 5 minutes later I'm like "where'd it go?"  So, I've been applying a bit more and that seems to work.  However, I doubt it would show up well for those with darker complexions.

These are water-resistant, enriched with vitamin E, and are supposed to work as a stain. I do think they are longer lasting for a cream blush type of product, and they seem to meld with the skin as opposed to sitting on top.  Each one is softly scented with the corresponding fruit they are named after, and I found Grapefruit's scent pleasant and unobtrusive.
The Beach Tints are on the pricier end of the spectrum at $25 each, but I'm really liking the ones I've collected so far!  You can see my review of the Watermelon Beach Tint here.



  1. the texture and finish makes these sound like my kind of product! I've been playing around with one of the shimmer souffles and I enjoy it as it provides a nice flush and glow!

    1. I've yet to play much with the shimmer souffle I got, need to get on that!