Thursday, August 30, 2012

Buxom Cherry Lip Gloss/Tint

I love my Buxom lip gloss, so if I see one on sale, I snap it up.  Sephora had Cherry on sale and I waited and waited but finally committed, and it's a good thing because I think she's gone.

The color in the tube looks a bit intimidating, but this is a sheer gloss that gives high shine with just a hint of a poppy color.  Really lovely and quite wearable both on it's own or as a topper for lipstick.
Buxom glosses are mint scented and give your lips a tingling sensation.  They are supposed to be lip plumpers, but I've not seen any visable plumping going on.  Personally, I like the tingling sensation and everything else about Buxom glosses - they are my HG lip gloss. I find them moisturizing, comfortable, not too sticky, and relatively long wearing.

While I was outside taking photos, I found this beauty.  Isn't it gorgeous?
Below I'm wearing a blend of OCC's Terra Cotta and Hush lip tars and some coral mineral pigment from The All Natural Face.
Here is Cherry over the lip tars, which gives you an idea of both the hint of color and high shine she gives.  Love it!
A quick search showed that Cherry is still available on both Amazon and ebay, ranging from about $18-$20.  I got her for $10 at Sephora, so happy I quit dragging my feet before she sold out!

Disclosure: I purchased this.

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