Monday, August 20, 2012

The All Natural Face Get Started Green Sample Set

I've tried eyeshadows from The All Natural Face (TANF) but was interested in trying their foundation and blushes.  Trying to find the right shade of foundation online, however, is daunting.  Fortunately, TANF offers a sample set that allows you to try a wide range of colors for the very reasonable price of $23.  If you are not familiar with TANF, it is a vegan cosmetics, bath, and body online company.  They do not include bismuth, talc, carmine, silk powder, d & c lake colors or parabens in their products.

Fair to Medium foundation selection
I specified fair to medium for my foundation choice and got 29 different shades to sample.  I do not find the names to be great at describing the colors, as my best match to date is Tan Warmer, and I'm not sure I would have thought that a good color match for me.  I also got a buffing brush that I love - it is so soft!  Seriously, I like it better than my Bare Escentuals face brush.

I also received 26 packets of blush, and I think I'm the most excited about these!  There are some really lovely colors here, and I'm guessing I'll get about 5-7 uses from each packet.  That's plenty to help me decide on any new favorites I may find.

Also included were 6 different concealers.  According to TANF's web site, they get more positive comments about the concealers than anything else, so should be interesting to try.

I also got 20 eyeshadow samples, a concealer brush, 7 mineral glows, and 3 mineral veils.  The glows can be used as a light blush, alone, over foundation, as an eyeshadow, or on the lips.  One of the nice things about TANF minerals is that all of them can be used anywhere on the face.  The veils help to control oiliness and diffuse the look of fine lines and can be used over or in place of foundation. 
TANF included the artist palette above with any order over $20.  Since everything came in plastic baggies, this is great for dumping some minerals on or mixing with a fixing medium. 

Overall, the Get Started Green Sample set is a great way to test out a huge variety of products without breaking the bank!  Currently, The All Natural Face is having a 20% off sale in honor of having been invited to participant in a swag event for celebrities at the Emmy's.  I took advantage of it for this order, and here is the info I received in an email:
Enter the word EMMY into the discount code box to receive the 20 % off and then enter the word Makeup in to the box separately for the palette.  Your order must be $20.00 before shipping for the sale to apply.  Past orders are not applicable ( we just got invited:)  With this sale there will be a strict policy of no code entered...no promo..so make sure you enter the code:)  You can share the sale details with friends and family and use the discount as often as you would like during the sale period:)   
Reviews of individual colors that stand out will be popping up periodically, I'm sure.  I had a hard time finding good swatches online of many TANF colors. I have not found TANF's web site to be that helpful regarding color descriptions (many are nonexistent) and the swatches featured at TANF are not the best quality, so hopefully any I post will help others in their quest.

Disclosure:  I purchased this and have no affiliation with TANF.

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