Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Felt Tip Eye Liners: stila vs. Eyeko

I never considered myself very good at using liquid eyeliners and consequently stuck mainly to eye pencils instead.  The down side with many pencils were that they smudged or even transferred to my upper lid during prolonged wear, nor were they as easy to achieve a very precise line with.

 Eyeko Olive
Enter felt tip eyeliners, which have shown me I can use a liquid liner proficiently!  The true brilliance of these, for me at least, are their exceptional wear.  Once these dry, they stay as vivid and smudge free as when first applied.  The two I'll be reviewing today are stila's Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner in Indigo and Eyeko's Skinny liquid eyeliner in Olive. 

stila Indigo
Both colors work really well with my blue eyes, which is fortunate, as I did not chose them but got both as part of either gift with purchase sample bags or a boxed collection of items.  I like to do a thin line along the upper lash line and then use a similarly colored eye shadow on top to soften the look.  The downside of felt liquid liners are that they do not smudge well, so I find using the shadow on top achieves the smudged effect I prefer.

Wear time on both of these is until I take them off.  Seriously.  They remove best with eye makeup remover, but I can usually get most off using a cleansing oil followed with a water based cleanser.  I can't really tell a difference between the formula of the two, so I guess it boils down to finding colors you like.  The Eyeko liners are $15 whereas the stila liners are $20, so that's another factor.   The other difference I noticed are in the tops - stila's has this spring loaded thing going on.  I managed to launch the top across my bathroom before I figured that out.   

Very happy with these!  I'll be interested to see if they stay moist, as it's not unusual for felt tip pens to dry out over time.

Disclosure:  I purchased these.


  1. These look awesome! I have always been horrible at using these liquid pens and even just regular eyeliner so I have to use a flat eyeliner brush with eyeshadow to line. It works for me but sometimes I don't get as thin a line as I would hope so I may give the felt tip ones another try!

    1. The key for me is using my finger to pull my eyelid up slightly while applying. This lets me get closer to the lash line and seems to help with drawing a straight line:-)