Wednesday, August 22, 2012

L'Oreal Infallible 24HR Eyeshadow in Golden Emerald

Golden Emerald is stunning, and yet I almost passed it up.  When I first swatched it in store, I admired the color but thought it was a bit too glittery for me.  Later however, I decided it was too pretty to pass up and I'm really glad I changed my mind.  It is one of the more complex of the L'Oreal Infallible shades and both looks and wears impeccably.

Some of the earlier Infallible shadows fell victim to an overly shimmery monotone, bordering on frost, which made them a bit difficult for me to wear.  I've compared Golden Sage, the earlier Infallible green shadow, to Golden Emerald below to show the contrast.  I think the color variations in Golden Emerald save it from going the frosty route. 
Golden Sage vs. Golden Emerald
I've included several swatch shots so you can get an idea of how complex the color really is. 

I've been wearing Golden Emerald more as an eyeliner than as an overall shadow.  I use my finger to apply, although a liner brush will work as well.  I get a full day's wear over eye primer, and fortunately have not experienced transfer from my lash line to lid.

If you like green shadows, this one is a winner!  Infallible eyeshadows retail for about $8-$9, although you can usually find a BOGO sale that helps cut the cost.

Disclosure:  I bought this.

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