Friday, August 24, 2012

NOTD: Dangerous by OCC and Born into Privilege by Wet n' Wild

It's been a hectic week that has rushed by, so I apologize for not having bottle shots of Dangerous and Born into Privilege.  Time just got away from me!

I just shortened my nails and every time I do I want to wear something dark.  I've seen the medium darkish gray Dangerous described as the color of a shark, and I think that's pretty spot on.  The formula was good but I did have a problem with polish running down the stem of the brush and consequently flooding it.  This is my first Obsessive Compulsive Polish and the polish was not thin or runny, so not sure what was up with that.

Two coats achieved opacity and I topped it with one coat of Seche Vite.  My Seche Vite is now half gone and has gotten stringy, so I threw it out and opened a new bottle.  **Shakes fist at Seche Vite and its temperamental ways""

Gray wasn't really jiving with my summer wardrobe, but I still enjoyed Dangerous and it wore quite well with minimal tip wear.  After 4 days I decided to jazz things up a bit and added one coat of Born into Privilege by Wet n'Wild.  This combo turned out very pretty, as Dangerous is dark enough to contrast nicely with Born into Privilege, but not so dark as to show how haphazard my application was.  Win/win!

Disclosure:  I purchased these. 


  1. wow that glitter is awesome!!

  2. That glitter polish is gorgeous!

    The same thing happened with my Seche Vite. Had to throw it out with MAYBE half gone. I see so many people rave about it and I warn them that you won't get much for the high price :/