Thursday, August 16, 2012

Makeup Organization Overhaul, Or How I Spent Last Sunday

My stash has gotten a bit unwieldy, and after reading about other people's makeup organization ideas, I decided to totally reorganize my collection.  I moved everything out of the bathroom and into my home office.  That sounds more official than it is, as it's really just the spare bedroom that has a desk for my laptop.  Nevertheless, it has now become my office/makeup room.

I went to Big Lots to see what they might have to organize my stash, and found this 5 bin cart for $35.  Now I'll be able to actually see what I've got, which makes things so much easier.  

 I also found this really cool cardboard box for $1, and it's perfect to hide my eye brushes. 
Fortunately, a few of the furniture pieces I already had in the room are also working out quite well for organizing items.  I got two hutch/display pieces at a second hand store years ago when I lived in Nashville.  They have backlights which always tickles me for some reason.  I can now see my Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume oils.  Hidden in the two boxes as oodles of BPAL imps.  I was in love with Marc Jacobs for years and still have plenty, maybe I'll start wearing it again.

The hutch has a middle compartment with a drop top, perfect for storage.   
The other piece I put in use was something I picked up from an unstained furniture store when I lived in New Hampshire eons ago.  It's a stereo table and has slots for albums in the bottom, which are perfect for more organization.  I almost got rid of this piece not too long ago, so glad I didn't!
So much easier to store palettes now.
The middle portion contains trays and containers for various items such as my cream stick blushes, face primers, mascaras, brushes, etc.

I also got this glass jewelry box, which unfortunately I noticed was chipped when I got home.  Oh well, I still like it.  

This is the most productive I've been in a while.  I don't know what came over me, but I like it!

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  1. Yikes that is quite the makeup stash! Good job organizing!