Tuesday, August 14, 2012

First Aid Beauty Fab Faves Set

Fab Faves is a set of First Aid Beauty's full sized face cleanser, radiance pads, and ultra repair cream.  I bought this set back in March and am just about to run out of the cleanser, so it's definitely time to post a review. 

I use the cleanser every morning in the shower, and find it to be gentle and effective.  The texture is a pearly whipped cream and it's both sulfate and paraben free.  Some of the ingredients listed include glycerin, aloe leaf juice, camellia sinensis, feverfew, and licorice root extracts.  I really like it and would purchase again, as I think it's a perfect morning cleanser for me.

Also included in the kit are the Facial Radiance pads, which contain lactic and glycolic acids to exfoliate, cucumber and Indian gooseberry to tone, and lemon peel and licorice root to brighten skin.  I find these to also be gentle and non-irritating and have been using them in the morning (I used a stronger exfoliating pad in the evenings).  I like these, but I'm not sure they are strong enough for my oily skin on their own.  However, the product I'm using in the evenings is too much for twice daily use, so these are a good gentle alternative for my morning routine. 

Last is the Ultra Repair cream, which is dense whipped cream which is supposed to replenish lipids and protect the skin's natural barrier function.  I find it a bit too heavy for facial use, as my skin is quite oily.  However, it can also be used elsewhere, and I've used it on my neck, chest and hands.  It's scent and paraben free and contains colloidal oatmeal, ceramides, eucalyptus oil, shea butter, feverfew, camellia sinensis, feverfew, and licorice extracts.  It does not feel greasy on and is a really nice cream for sensitive skin.

I really like this kit and found it a great way to try several First Aid Beauty products at almost half the price if you purchased them individually.  The set retails for $38 and I got mine at Sephora. 

Disclosure:  I purchased these.


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