Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Let's Dance Harmony Face Powder by Sephora

I've yet to figure out the logic with Sephora listing sale items that are no longer available.  They did that forever with the Let's Dance Harmony face powder, a CD sized container of five different shades that can be blended together or used individually as color or highlight shades.  However, the last time I clicked on the picture yet again, it was in stock.  Maybe there is reason behind the rhyme, unless it's just a ploy to keep me clicking like a rat looking for it's pellet of food.
Regardless, this mammoth sized blush/highlighter was finally mine for $7.  As you can see from the shots in the sun, there is some sparkle to this.  I did not find it to be disco ball shimmer, however, and the overall color is warm but light.  It's not super pigmented, which probably makes it more suited as a highlighter for those with darker complexions.   I can get away with using it as a blush as well, and in fact it reminds me somewhat of Benefit's Sugarbomb.  Sugarbomb leans a little more pink than Let's Dance, but the finish is  similar.
As of Monday, this was showing up as not available online, although the picture is still up in the sale section.  Tomorrow could be a different story!

Disclosure:  I purchased this.


  1. WOW this is a HUGE palette lol!!! The effect is gorgeous on you! Bummer it's not showing up for sale online anymore =/

    1. I swear, I don't know why they keep the items in the sale section when they are no longer available. I'm wondering if they do that when they are expecting to get more stock in at some point. It's frustrating!