Sunday, September 9, 2012

tokidoki Lion Pappa Palette: Best $3 I've Spent in a While!

If you didn't know already, Sephora will no longer be carrying tokidoki.  Consequently, tokidoki products have been on sale at Sephora for a while now, and I picked up two palettes recently on sale for $3 - Lion Pappa and Vegas.  Three dollars, people.  Even if they sucked, it was a small risk.

Fortunately for me, they far from suck!  Today I've got Lion Pappa to show you.  It's a small flip top cardboard palette that contains 4 unnamed eyeshadows and a blush on one side and a small mirror on the other.  You get an oyster shell white, a taupe, a shimmery olive gold, and a blackened brown.  The blush is a dark peach with a heavy gold shimmer.  All of the shadows are soft and powdery, to the point that I found tapping my brush on them was the best way to pick up shadow, as otherwise they kicked up quite a bit of dust.  Pigmentation was pretty impressive!

You can get an idea of how soft they are by the indentations below, as I'd only used the palette maybe 4 times when I took this picture.  
The oyster white shade barely shows up on my skin below, but it does make a nice highlight shade.  The taupe is not matte but not shimmery either, and makes for a good neutral lid color.  The olive gold is probably my favorite and has good color payoff.  The blackened brown swatch below was just one swoosh with my brush and applied smoothly with no patchiness.  Below are two different looks I did this week.

The blush has a bit more gold shimmer than I'm typically comfortable with, and the first time I wore it applied some mineral foundation over it to tone the shimmer down.  The second time, I left it alone as it really does work well with the eyeshadows, so the golden shimmer is more evident in the second full face  photo.

Pappa Lion is still available at Sephora for $3, but no telling for how much longer.  I'm glad I got one!

Disclosure:  I purchased this.

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