Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maybelline LE Great Lash in Totally Teal

I picked up the other two limited edition Great Lash mascaras before they disappeared - Totally Teal and Blink of Blue.  Today I've got Totally Teal to show you.  To be honest, Totally Teal was the color I was the least excited about.  Just goes to show what I know, as it actually is quite pretty on.

I do not find Great Lash mascaras to add much in the way of length or volume.  But as a basic colored mascara, this limited edition release has worked quite well for me.  Or at least the green leaning colors have worked well, as both Go Go Green and Totally Teal show up nicely without screaming "colored lashes!" in too obvious of a fashion.  Plus, they wear nicely and do not smudge or flake on me.  For $5-$6 a pop, that's not bad!
The LE colored Great Lash mascaras were supposed to disappear at the end of August, but the display is still up at my local Rite Aid.  Can't say that these have been big sellers based on my location, which I'm guessing is why the display is still out.  But, once they're gone, they're gone!

 Disclosure:  I purchased this.


  1. Oooh I love this one! You've reminded me that I need to go out and hunt for these, I always forget about them!