Friday, September 14, 2012

NOTD: Julep Vera and Family Musings

Vera is not a name you come across often and has gone out of style.  I've got a soft spot for it though, as my maternal grandmother was named Vera.  One of fourteen children, she grew up in rural South Carolina with what was essentially a single mother, as her father was frequently gone due to a long term, chronic illness.  My grandmother managed to live overseas with her career military husband, raised five children, was a mean bridge player, and could whack the heck out of a paddle ball.  She was unique and she was tough - not the cuddly grandma type, but more of the fierce lion momma.  I can still remember her dressing down a school principle who had unjustly accused me of something and was slow to admit fault.  She left him cowering.

So I'm fond of Julep's Vera.  Fortunately it also happens to be a color I'm drawn to, a soft fawn or milky light chocolate.  Vera may also qualify as a palette cleanser, but her neutral tones have kept me quite satisfied and I haven't been tempted to cover her with glitter yet.  I like that the color leans warmer than some greiges like OPI's You Don't Know Jacques or Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic, as it is more complementary to my skin tone.

I used two coats of Vera over Seche Vite's base coat.  The formula was smooth, easy to apply, and dries with a high gloss.  I did top with Seche Vite's top coat for protection, but could have gone without, that's how shiny Vera is.  I took these photos 3 days into wear and Vera has some minor tip wear but is holding tough.  Julep polishes are $14, which is pricey IMO.  I subscribe to Julep's Maven program which gets them at a discount, plus Julep periodically offers mystery boxes for $19.99 where you are guaranteed at least $60 worth of product, which is how I obtained Vera. 

Now all Julep needs to do is name a polish Ila Mae, which was my paternal grandmother's name.  I'm not holding my breath, as that name has definitely gone out of fashion.

Disclaimer:  I purchase this.


  1. Pretty color! And I love that it has some special meaning to you - Vera is such a pretty name and your grandmother sounds like a wonderful woman. :)