Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Gold Shimmer: Review, Swatches, and Comparisons

The limited edition Color Tattoo shades that Maybelline recently released have introduced a few new favorites to me.  The first one was Barely Beige, which has proven to be a great all over lid color, shadow base, and highlighter.  I actually picked up a backup as it's limited edition and I like it that much.  The second is the topaz colored Gold Shimmer.  I skipped over it when I bought my first two color selections from the fall displays as I already have Bold Gold, but glowing reviews swayed me into picking up Gold Shimmer as well.

The Color Tattoos can be hit or miss, with some applying smoothly and others requiring more work to avoid patchiness.  In general, Ive found the lighter colors are easier to work with. 

Golden Shimmer was smooth and easy to apply with my finger.  I used Barely Beige over my entire lid before applying Gold Shimmer, which I think made it a bit more muted in tone.  I used a liner brush along my lash lines, and the color there is more true to the pot.  Wear time on these with an eye primer is a good 8-10 hours before I start to notice fading. 

I wanted to compare Gold Shimmer with Bold Gold and Bad to the Bronze.  There are distinct differences, with Bold Gold being lighter and more of what I would consider a true gold. Bad to the Bronze has more of a rose/taupe cast to it.
Gold Shimmer, Bold Gold
Gold Shimmer, Bad to the Bronze

Bad to the Bronze, Gold Shimmer, Bold Gold (shade)
Bold Gold, Gold Shimmer, Bad to the Bronze (sun)
Color Tattoo shadows are about $6 at most stores, but frequent BOGO offers make them even less expensive. I'm hoping that the new colors make it into the permanent lineup so I don't feel the need to hoard backups!

Disclosure:  I bought these.


  1. Wow, gold shimmer is amazing!! I think it's neutral enough to work on most skin tones. I need to pick one up before they're gone!

    1. They make for such a quick and easy look, which is helpful on mornings I'm rushed or not feeling creative.