Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OCC Lip Tars in Ophelia, Divine, and Queen

Ophelia, Divine, Queen
Beauty.com had a gift with purchase offer a few weeks back of a free OCC lip tar with any $10 purchase.  The choice of the free lip tar was between Harlot and Queen, and I chose Queen, a gorgeous and vibrant reddish pink.  I also picked up the bubble gum pink Ophelia and the flamingo pink Divine.
Ophelia, Divine, Queen
These pinks should round out the more warm toned neutral lip tars I've got and keep me in blending heaven for a while. For those not familiar with lip tars, they are super pigmented, a little goes an extremely long way, and applying with a brush seems to work best.  They dry down to a satin sheen, and all lip shots below show them with a bit of clear gloss on top.  They are Vegan, cruelty-free, have a refreshingly simple list of ingredients, and cost $15 each.

I'm noticing that pale pinks make me feel like I've got trout lips when I wear them.  Something about them screams "Lindsey Lohan" to me, and not when she was a fresh faced and beautiful teenager.  Maybe it's bringing up memories of Magda in "Something about Mary", I don't know.  Maybe it's because you can see every bit of sun damage I've got in the photo below - which is plenty!  I'm a reformed sun worshipper who grew up on the Gulf Coast - 'nuff said.

I imagine I'll be blending Ophelia to make her a bit more wearable, but that's the beauty of lip tars - they are meant to be blended to make your own unique colors.
Ophelia looked a bit similar to Memento in the tube, so I swatched both and the difference became quite evident then.  Ophelia is cooler and lighter than the warmer toned Memento.
Ophelia, Memento
Divine is a shade I can see myself wearing on it's own.  Something about this flamingo pink just tickles me.
And finally, all hail the Queen!  I'm not usually a dark or vibrant lips person, but I love this color.  So pretty!
 Any lip tar lovers out there, and if so, what's your favorite shades?

Disclaimer:  I purchased these.

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