Saturday, September 1, 2012

Maybelline LE Color Tattoo Eyeshadows in Barely Beige and Mossy Green

Mossy Green, Barely Beige
 Maybelline has released 8 new limited edition Color Tattoo 24 Hour eyeshadows!  I've only seen the 2012 Fall Fashion Week neutral collection in stores thus far, but I know others have found the vibrant jewel toned ones, so they are out there somewhere.

Being the neutral color lover that I am, I picked up Barely Beige and Mossy Green and have those to show you.  Barely Beige is a great highlight or all over lid color that applies smoothly and effortlessly.  The color is an oyster beige and has a nice shimmer without going metallic.  Love it!

Mossy Green is a dark olive green with a slight gold shimmer.  This one was not quite as creamy or easy to apply as Barely Beige.

Below are swatches with one, two and three swipes applied. While it is buildable, even three passes is still not opaque and there is some patchiness.  Mossy Green may be better as a base for other shadows as opposed to on its own.  I used it right above my lash line and it looked fine as a liner.  My experience with the Color Tattoo shadows has been that the lighter colors apply easier and with less patchiness than the darker colors.  I also find that using my finger to apply works best.
1 swipe
2 swipes
3 swipes
I used Barely Beige over my entire lid, Mossy Green above my lash line, and Bold Gold (also a Color Tattoo shade) in the middle.  Bold Gold has been my favorite Color Tattoo thus far, but I think Barely Beige will be joining it!

Wear time on these is phenomenal, although 24 hours would be stretching it.  I use a primer because of my oily lids and have no problems with creasing or fading with the Color Tattoos.  I have no idea why Maybelline would make these limited edition considering the popularity of the Color Tattoos, unless it's just marketing to further drive demand.  They retail for a little less than $7 at most locations.

Disclosure:  I purchased these.


  1. Where were you able to find yours at? I haven't found them at any stores in my area yet.

    1. Rite Aid has them, I saw them in a display there today. I got mine at CVS, I believe. They will be in a separate display from the regular Color Tattoos.