Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Star Treatment READY Eyeshadow 8.0 by Bare Escentuals

It's official, I'm now a committed convert to the Bare Escentuals READY eyeshadow formula.  It took me a long time to try one of the palettes, but now that I've tried two, The Playlist and the Star Treatment, I will be seeking them out in the future!
These are uber pigmented, smooth, creamy, long wearing, easy to blend, dense, buttery - I could go on and on.  Just a really nice eyeshadow formula, all the way around.  The warm toned colors in The Star Treatment are also right up my alley, so this will be a favorite palette for me, no doubt.
The only downside I can find to the Star Treatment palette is that there is no matte shade included.  These are all shimmers, and I like to balance shimmers with matte, so I do have to use outside colors when I use this palette.  Hopefully future selections will include some matte options with the shimmers for a more balanced palette.  
VIP is a black with gold micro glitter.  There was a bit of dust kick up, as evidenced in the swatch where I tried to wipe it with a tissue and it smeared a bit.  Very pigmented and smooth, though.  Connoisseur is an extremely pigmented brassy gold - really outstanding.  Carte Blanche is a pale yellow gold and makes for a nice highlight color.  It's delicate, but still very pigmented, so a light touch was needed when placing on the brow bone. 
Ritzy is a sable brown, not particularly unique, but a nice color for this palette.  Kudos is a surprise favorite for me, as it has a subtle duotone going on in the right light.  Great overall lid color, so don't let it's tan mousiness in some shots fool you.  The coppery orange Bragging Rights was the problematic shade in the lot for me, although just barely.  It does not apply as smoothly and requires more careful application to avoid patchiness.  It's almost like the shadow skips a bit, so I had to use a more heavy hand when applying. 
Finishing up the palette are the pretty khaki brown Elitist and the medium gold Extravagance.  I find it easy to combine these colors and nothing feels out of place.
Love, love, love this palette!  It was on sale for $32 at Bare Escentuals last week, not sure how much longer it will be available.  I'm not seeing it at either Sephora or Ulta right now.  You also get a sample sized Prime Time eye primer, which has worked well for me. 
Disclaimer:  I purchased this.


  1. All the colours look lovely! but are they all shimmery/sheeny? if so itd mostly be good for nighttime

    1. They are all shimmery to some degree, which is why I wish there was at least one matte shade in the bunch!