Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shocking Coral ColorSensational Vivids Lip Color by Maybelline

Shocking Coral is the third of the ColorSensational Vivids lip colors that I've acquired.  It reminds me of a flamingo pink, which is a color I'm just inextricably drawn to for some reason.  Of course, there are lots of variation in color with real flamingos, but I've yet to see one that I didn't think was stunningly beautiful!
Photo source:  Smithsonian National Zoological Park
Shocking Coral is quite beautiful as well, and it does provide a pop of pink that can be shocking or muted, depending on how you wear it.  These lip sticks are so incredibly pigmented that they lay down color with just one swipe.  If I want a more muted look I tone them down by using my finger to blend out the color.  They also have a glossy finish and wear comfortably for a good 4-5 hours. 
To me, the color leans a bit more pink when it's on my lips than it looks in the tube or the arm swatch.  I'm sure skin tone and lip pigmentation play a role in that.  Gorgeous color, either way.
Here I'm wearing Shocking Coral on it's own, and while it looks more matte in the face shot, you can see how glossy it is in directly sunlight. 
Below is an example of toning done Shocking Coral with the 2004 Bite Beauty gloss, which is a flesh color.
The ColorSensational Vivids Lip Colors are less than $8, which given the pigmentation and comfortable wear time, make them a steal!


  1. Looks very moisturising! Lovely shade (:

  2. I bought pop of cheery the other day! It's pretty good! This one looks so pretty too!

    1. I'm just so impressed with all of the Vivids!