Sunday, January 5, 2014

Accountability Sunday: Resolution Progress for the Week

I'm starting a new Sunday series where I'm going to document how I'm doing on my New Year's resolutions, or any new ones that I make during the year.  I find accountability to be a great motivator, so I'm laying it out here :-)  Plus momentum builds momentum in both negative and positive directions, so this will help me see trends.  I hope you join in and share your own progress in whatever areas you are focusing on!

My resolutions are:
  • eat better:  start cooking more and eating out less
  • exercise more: practice yoga/Pilates again, use a standing desk at work
  • declutter house
  • no buy on makeup/beauty items Jan-March:  can develop a wish list and purchase one or two items from it in April
So how did I do in this short (4 day) week?  Pretty darn good, actually!  Here are some highlights:
Slow cooker chicken taco soup, recipe here.
The chicken taco soup was quite tasty and very easy to make.  I took it to work for lunch and have frozen some as well.  Would definitely make this again.
Tasty lunch
Breakfasts were alternating slow cooked (steel oats) oatmeal or scrambled eggs with bell pepper and pepperjack cheese.  I found a recipe for slow cooker oatmeal that is cooking right now, so I'll report back on that one.  The CocoaVia I used in the oatmeal below was okay, but a bit tart.  Definitely boosts the nutritional value, however, as it essentially flavored powdered cocoa extract, which is high in antioxidants.  I also add several heaping tablespoons of Greek yogurt for protein, and top with raw almonds.  A few of those almonds are vanilla sugar coated, as they're from a Christmas mix :-)
A quick go to meal for me is a bean and cheese burrito topped with salsa and Greek yogurt, salad and diced jalapeno peppers.  It's easy to prepare and something I make frequently.  I need to expand my repertoire, however, as food variety is important nutrition wise.
I rigged a primitive but functional standing desk that has the added bonus of being right next to my one office window, so I can look outside.  I used it for about 3 hours Friday morning and I like it!  I'm shooting for using it half of my office time, which will cut my sitting time in half.  In case you are not aware of how bad for you sitting for long periods of time can be, check out Sitting All Day is Worse for You Than You Might Think.

I did yoga/Pilates for 30 minutes one morning and took a walk during lunch at work.  Dog walking has been somewhat curtailed by weather, so I still need to step it up in the exercise area.  
I cleaned and decluttered my dining room, which I use for a reading room.  The table in it was a clutter magnet, as I tend to  sit stuff on it as soon as I come in after work and the piles just grow and grow and grow.  So, I made a concerted effort to not do that this week, as there's no point cleaning it off if I keep putting stuff back on it.  Two rooms down, six more to go!
My no-buy is going well, and I can't say I've really been tempted by anything.  I've still got plenty of new things to play with, so that's probably a big reason why.  My wish list does have two items on it:  a Chanel cream blush and Fluffy Bunny hand cream. 

I'm thinking I need to add gym visits on the weekend, as I've got a gym membership that rarely gets used.  I know I won't go during the week, but there's no reason I couldn't go on Saturdays and Sundays.  I talked myself out of it this Saturday, however, because the weather was gorgeous and I decided I'd rather take the dogs for a long walk.  So, that's what I did:-)  I do need to step it up, however, so I think I'm going to wrap up this post and go do a yoga/Pilates DVD.

How was your week?  Are you happy with how things went?


  1. Wow all these food pictures, making me very hungry!!
    It's funny, your house looks exactly like I would have expected, it's very you if that makes any sense haha.

    1. Ha, that's good to know! I enjoy my house, even though it's an oldish (late 1940's?) ranch style house with all the quirks that come with those.