Friday, January 24, 2014

Estee Lauder Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner Duo in Blackened Black and Blackened Cocoa

My deep love for pencil eyeliners is well documented in my blog, and guess what?  I've discovered some kajal eyeliners from Estee Lauder that I really, really like.  I don't know why, but I always dismissed kajal liners out of hand, I guess because I thought they would smudge easily on my oily lids.
Blackened Black
Blackened Cocoa
However, I've now accumulated quite a few of the Estee Lauder kajal liners, and my experiences have been all good.  These are soft enough that they do not drag across my lids, and deposit nicely pigmented color that can be smudged out easily with a brush.  The color is staying true for me throughout the day with minimal smudging.  (Please excuse my peeling eyelids, these pictures were taken during the extreme cold snap and my skin was having issues).
I also like that these are great for waterline use as well.  I don't normally line my upper or lower waterlines, but I've been experimenting with these and I'm liking the effect for a change now and then.  I wear contacts and I'm not having any issues with clouding of my lenses or transfer of pigment onto them, nor have they irritated my eyes.  Wear time is probably 3-4 hours on the waterline, which is not bad in my experience.  I do experience some slight "bleeding" at the outer corners of my eyes and have to make sure to wipe that off, but it's not excessive.
Blackened Cocoa is my favorite of the colors I've accumulated thus far, as it's a nice dark brown matte that works with the neutral colors I'm partial to.  I will have to show you Blackened Sapphire soon, however, as it's a close second :-)

I acquired my duo as part of a GWP, but both colors are available on their own.  The liners are pricey at $22 each, but if you watch for frequent GWP offers, it's not hard to pick some up for a fraction of that.  There is also a lovely black and blue duo liner available on the Estee Lauder site right now for $23.

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