Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My Favorite Nail Polishes of 2013

So many polishes, not enough hands:-)  However, here are my favorites that I wore in 2013:

  • Epidote by JINsoon (see full review here):  A bit of splurge ($18), but what a beauty!  This morpher goes from emerald green to rusty red, making it completely unique to my collection.  Total love.
  • Jolly Lolly by L'Oreal (see reviews here and here):  I love my jelly polishes, and this pinky red beauty had all the qualities I'm looking for:  great pigmentation with translucency.  Limited edition and part of the Miss Candy collection, few polishes get worn more than once by me in a year, but Jolly Lolly was one of them. 
  • Louise by Zoya ($8) (see reviews here and here):   Louise was another polish I wore more than once in 2013.  I've got a thing for brown polishes, and Louise impressed me in both color and formula. 
  • Jessica by Julep ($14) (see review here):  I've also got a thing for this shade of blue:  it's the color of my Beetle, I'm a Tarheel, and my bedroom features a slightly darker version I think of as hydrangea blue. 
    So yeah, I love it.   Add in a good formula and that this was a one coater, and I'm smitten all over again.  
  • Blue Marks the Spot by Maybelline (see review here):   This was the manicure that got the most remarks this year.  Blue Marks the Spot ($2.99) is a blue jelly with black and white glitter, and when I used it over Jessica, it was a total win.  I still see the Polka Dots collection in stores, so I'm not sure if they are limited edition or permanent, but I'm thinking limited edition.
  • Come to Paparazzi by Sephora by OPI (see reviews here and here):   Sephora discontinued the Sephora by OPI polishes this year, which motivated me to pick up more than a few.  This black/gold/copper glitter is probably my favorite of all the ones I got, and I forgot that I wore it twice this year as well.  So that proves it :-)
  • Adele by Julep (see reviews here and here):  Okay, there's one more polish I wore twice this year.  Clearly, my memory is not that great.  Adele ($14) is a gorgeous special effects top coat that transforms whatever polish you wear it over, making it quite versatile.   
  • Solitaire by OPI (see review here):  In general, sand finish polishes have left me somewhat cold.  The exceptions are those that have a bit of sparkle in them, and I also loved Solitaire's delicate quality on the nail. 
  • Chyna by Zoya (see review here):  Lo and behold, another sand finish polish made the list.   But check out the glow from within quality in Chyna ($8), and you can see why it did! 
What were your favorite polishes of 2013?  There are just so many great ones out there, and I didn't even venture into indie brands!


  1. Epidote looks like a polish I would get along with :) Great post!