Thursday, January 2, 2014

Empties! Products I Used Up in November and December

November empties
Only going to highlight the items that are standouts or complete fails for me in November and December.  One fail was the Nasberry body lotion by Eminence, as I couldn't get past the scent.  So, I'm finally throwing it out.  The DHC Deep Cleansing oil is my holy grail and has been for years now.  Love it.  I am testing another DHC cleansing oil right now, will be interesting to see if the original gets bumped. 

Eminence is another favorite, and this Pear & Poppy Seed exfoliator does a nice job of smoothing and softening my skin.  It's pricey at $46, however, and there are other good exfoliants on the market at reasonable prices.  It's a nice splurge item if you're so inclined, though.
December empties
Lots of favorites in December, including the Farm House Fresh hand cream Fluffy Bunny.  This made my Best of 2013 Body/Facial Care list and I'll be visiting it again in the future.  I squeezed every little last drop I could out:-)  The fail from this bunch was the Korres concealer, which I pulled out of my drawer to try again.  The texture was just off and rather unsmooth, so it got tossed. 
I've been burning some of my Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab imps in an oil burner to scent my home, and much of what you see above are ones I didn't care for as a personal fragrance.  My house sure smells nice though!
I really liked this body butter, especially now that the weather is colder and my skin needs extra moisture.  It's thick and the smell was lovely, and if I wasn't already up to my neck in body butters I'd seek a full sized version of this out.  Perhaps I should just add it to my wish list.
The In the Raw shea butter was another thick and creamy butter that got used exclusively on my feet now that it's sock weather.  Really liked it.  The Nasberry Cranberry Body Wash by Eminence was a fail, mainly due to my not liking the scent.  The Quince & Ice Wine Mask was okay, but ended up congealing due to age.  That's the downside of natural/organic products which don't have chemical preservatives in them, as shelf life is more brief. 
My love item out of this bunch was the Skyn Iceland Nordic Skin Peel pads.  Love the smelled, how they felt, and that they are little muslin circles instead of the usual cotton ones.  I'd repurchase.  Also liked the Beauty Without Cruelty unscented body lotion, as I enjoyed mixing my Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab oils with it.  The mice liked it as well, as they gnawed through the bottom of it.
Not a bad showing for the end of year, now that I look at it! 


  1. You do such a great job on emptying things. I never empty make-up/lotions. I want to try to this year. I want to use up old lipsticks & stuff. I have some from 10 years ago. Eye shadows from 10 years ago. I know that's bad & I'm trying to throw out some stuff.

  2. I believe the only shadows I've ever finished were some small pots of Bare Minerals loose shadow. I used pretty much only those for about a year. Obviously, that was before my makeup obsession took hold.