Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Jouer Blushing Beauty Collection Preview

Jouer's Blushing Beauty Collection features four separate items that can be connected together to create a palette.  In fact, all of Jouer's items are modular in that you can use them separately or combine different pieces together for your own customized palette.  Tres cool, eh?  But more on that later.  This Blushing Beauty Collection features:
  • Powder duo in Translucent and Matte Honey
  •  Cream blush and highlighter in Whisper/Feather
  •  Powder eyeshadows in Peach/Chocolat
  •  Lip gloss in Cherish
The set retails for $58 on jouercosmetics.com and has a value of $88, but I ordered mine from Gilt (now sold out) for $49 right before Christmas.  Gilt does have an "add to waitlist" option on the page for Blushing Beauty, so I'm not sure if that means more will be coming in or not.  All of the items arrived is this soft little pouch.
I'm not completely sold on the modular aspect, but that's partially because I don't carry my makeup around with me so separate pieces work just fine in my world.  All four pieces connected together can get a little bulky, but they connect together solidly and I do like the customizable aspect.   I'll have swatches and reviews of each item for you tomorrow.
In the meantime, Kate Beckinsole wore several of the Blushing Beauty Collection pieces at the Golden Globes Sunday evening - including Chocolate eyeshadow, Whisper cheek tint, and Cherish lip gloss. She looks lovely, per usual!


  1. Oh I love the packaging, reminds me of hourglass! Kate Beckinsale is gorgeous!

    1. You are right, it does looks similar to Hourglass!