Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Me?

I love new beginnings, as they hint at potential for something different or perhaps even better.  While New Year's is the traditional time for making resolutions and as such is cliche, that doesn't mean it can't be a worthwhile endeavor.  I've got a few things buzzing around in my head that I'd like to attempt, and I'm going to approach them with optimism and realism, knowing how difficult it can be to truly effect change in your life.  I should know, as part of my work week is spent at a wellness clinic located at a homeless day shelter, educating and supporting the homeless in making lifestyle changes.  Change is not easy.
Slow cooked oatmeal w/CocoaVia cran-raspberry extract supplement, raw almonds, and Greek yogurt
A few are the typical New Year's type of resolutions:  eat better and exercise more.   I want to start cooking more and eating out less.  I'm actually a good cook but I'm not very disciplined, so I often go for the easy route instead.  So, it may be little things like making slow cooked oatmeal in the mornings as opposed to picking up a sausage and cheese McMuffin on the way into work.  Or, it could be getting creative with the slow cooker and making meals for the week on Sunday afternoons.
I walk my dogs every day, but that's not enough exercise with a sedentary day job, so I want to start doing yoga and Pilates again.  I've got a problematic back due to mild scoliosis, and yoga/Pilates helps out a lot.  In fact, I've really got to commit to a standing desk at work.  Back to that discipline thing.  Momentum is key, as I find once I start something, I'm pretty good at continuing.  It's the beginning process that trips me up every time.
I also want to declutter my house and make it more of an oasis.  I rearranged and decluttered my bedroom over the holiday break, and it's amazing the difference it makes in my sense of calm and peace.  Eight more rooms to go :-)  I love the concept of minimalism, but I suck at the actual practice of it.  So perhaps I can reach a happy medium, and I'm going to track my progress via the blog.  I expect my feng shui to be much improved in 2014.
I'm also going on a makeup no buy for the first 3 months of 2014.  As much as I love blogging about makeup and beauty items (and I truly do), it can become a bit of an addictive process of acquiring more and more in order to generate content.  I'm finding I'm not able to really use and enjoy much of what I have due to needing to post on "new" and "current" and the like.  If this was how I made my living, I could see it, but it's not:-)
So, I'm asking myself is acquiring more the goal, and am I experiencing a diminishing rate of pleasure in what I do have?  I will start a "wish list" of items during this period and then allow myself a few after the no buy is over.  I think I'll appreciate what I get more then, plus I will have done plenty of research and vetted every thoroughly.  It'll be curated collecting at its best.
So, I'm going to focus on enjoying and truly experiencing all the great products I've acquired in the last year.  What does that mean for the blog?  Not much, really, as I've gotten so much new stuff  haven't posted about, I can probably go 3 months without buying anything.  Plus, I've still got multiple subscription boxes and hopefully I'll get more creative without needing to buy, buy, buy :-)  Discipline will be key here as well, as those impulse buys at Rite Aid and sale emails from all the sites I'm registered on are tres tempting.
You may see some different kind of posts as I chronicle my experiences and milestones in 2014, and I hope you'll post some comments on your own journey, as shared experiences are always so much better:-)  I think of Bon Vivant Beauty as meaning "good life beauty", there will just be more of a focus on the good life part!

What are you going to focus on in 2014?  

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