Monday, January 13, 2014

December Birchbox: Sparkle & Shine

I thought it might be a good idea to get the post about December's Birchbox up before January's arrived.  Yep, I'm a bit behind.  I haven't really used any of the items yet to get a feel for them, but I can say I continue to enjoy my Birchbox subscription.  Enough that I paid for this year's subscription upfront, instead of paying month to month. 
I've been subscribing for 2 years now, and they've introduced me to quite a few products I've really liked.  Seriously, the best thing about Birchbox is their point system, as when you review items on their site, you get 10 points per item.  One hundred points = $10 that you can spend in the Birchbox shop.  Couple that with periodic discount codes, and you've got some major savings going on, such as when I got the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint for $8.50 :-)  I think the brand selection is fantastic, although the range of items offered is only a smattering of what's available in each brand. 

Since I cut my hair I've been playing with more hair products, so Pure Happy Smooth is a nice addition to that growing collection.  This thermal protector contains shine boosting keratin as well as aloe, and the 1 oz size should give me enough uses to really get a feel for it.  Sample value is $4.37.

Arcona is known for featuring cranberry in their products, and this gel is supposed to moisturize, neutralize free radicals, and keep pores clear.  Sounds great for my oily skin, and sample value is $13.33.
Ring of Fire
Laqa & Co.'s Lil Lip pencil in Ring of Fire is a glossy bright red.  I've yet to wear it but it looks very promising.  These come is a 5 piece set for $32 or a duo for $16, so I'll say sample value is $7.
The antiperspirant wipes from La Fresh will come in quite handy when I'm traveling, so I'm happy to see these.  Sample value is $1.66.

The extra this month were 3 teabags from Ahmad Tea London, and since I'm a hot tea drinking fiend in the winter, that works for me.  I'm not going to attach a value to these, but the total for the other items is $26.36.  Now, I'm looking forward to seeing what Birchbox introduces me to in 2014!