Monday, March 10, 2014

Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss in Lucky

Disclaimer:  This was a GWP.
I've got limited experience with Chantecaille makeup products, so when I received a sample of Lucky last fall as part of a SpaceNK GWP event, I was quite excited to try it out.  However, the color must have reminded me more of spring so it got tucked away until this past week.  Now that spring weather is peeking it's head out, I'm definitely being drawn to softer colors, and Lucky is hitting that sweet spot.
The Brilliant Glosses are supposed to be hydrating and plumping (botanical microspheres plump lips which immediately increase the volume of the lips, according to ad copy).  The formula also contains  green tea extract to protect skin, and I found Lucky to be comfortable on with little stickiness to speak of.  I have no idea if the volume of my lips increased or not (I'm skeptical), but I did like how the gloss felt and looked on, so it's all good:-)
Well, except for the price, which is $33 for a full sized tube.  Chantecaille is a high end brand, with prices to match.  The quality is definitely there, however, and look at how Lucky glows :-)  So, if money is not an object, I can see the appeal. 
Worn over bare lips, Lucky provides a hint of color and peachy gold shimmer.  I prefer using it over lipstick, as it brought an extra dimension to some products whose color I really like but whose formula doesn't always perform well for me (Revlon's Matte Lip Balms come to mind). 
Lucky over Revlon's Matte Lip Balm in Mischievous


  1. I have Mischievous and this would look great with it! Gorgeous gloss!!! :)


    1. It really is nice! So many of Chantecaille's products appeal to me, but the prices...

  2. Oh woah this is actually so pretty and you know how much I prefer darker shades!

    1. I think the shimmer takes it to another level :-)