Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sleek & Spice Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Shadow by Maybelline

 Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
Sleek & Spice is the final Color Tattoo cream shadow that I have to show you from Maybelline's spring collection.  It's a medium mink brown, darker and slighter warmer in tone than the soft taupe Nude Compliment. 
I've been wearing these for a month now, and the formula on all 4 (Pure Nude, Nude Compliment, Caramel Cool) is great - smooth, easy to apply and blend, with a wear time of a solid 8-9 hours over primer (I've got oily lids).  I actually think the formula on this limited edition collection is better than the original. 
Sleek & Spice (top), Bad to the Bronze (bottom)
If you're curious as to how Sleek & Spice compares to Bad to the Bronze, here's a comparison swatch.  Bad to the Bronze is slightly darker and redder in tone, although they look close in this picture.  When I wear Sleek & Spice on my eyes, it looks more taupe to me.  Sleek & Spice is definitely cooler in tone than Bad to the Bronze, and it's more evident in the following pictures.
It's a shame these are limited edition, not sure what Maybelline was thinking there.  I purchased mine at Rite Aid and they run $6-$7 depending on where you find them.  My love affair with these cream shadows continues :-)


  1. Hmm the two are too similar (thank goodness), probably won't be picking one up :)

    1. Definitely similar, with Sleek & Spice being cooler in tone. I think I prefer it to Bad to the Bronze, perhaps because the formula is smoother.