Thursday, March 27, 2014

Wish Me a Rose Lip Liner by Essence

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
While I rarely bother with using lip liners in the traditional sense of outlining my lips, I've recently discovered how great they can be as a base for other lip products.  Wish Me a Rose lip liner by Essence is a budget friendly item ($1.49) that doesn't skimp on quality, and the pretty pink color actually has me using it all on it's on as a lip color as well as under other products.  Well here, let me show you!
A warm leaning semi-matte medium pink, Wish Me a Rose is easy to use as an all over lip color.  I usually top it with a bit of gloss, but it's not uncomfortable all on it's own either. 
Below I'm wearing it topped with Tarina Tarantino's Sparklicity gloss Paiette, which is heavy on the sparkle, as the name would imply :-)
Available in the U.S. at select Walgreens, FredMeyers, H.E.B.,  Ulta stores and ulta.com,  I've been impressed with the few products from the German brand Essence I've tried thus far, and plan on trying out more.  I mean, come on now, $1.49?  That's hard to beat!


  1. Essence is such an awesome brand, that price!!!

  2. Your new follower xx essence is such an amazin brand .

    1. Welcome :-) I've yet to try an Essence product that wasn't really nice - and at their price point, that's impressive!