Monday, March 24, 2014

Coral Tulip Joli Rouge Brilliant Perfect Shine Sheer Lipstick by Clarins

I have fallen in love with the Joli Rouge Brilliant lipstick formula by Clarins.  Coral Tulip is actually my first venture into makeup by Clarins, and if Coral Tulip is representative of the quality across the board, I'm impressed!
I'm not sure why the French based Clarins flew under the radar for me, but they've got a lot to recommend them.   Founded in 1954 and with a focus on plant based ingredients, they became the top selling luxury skin care brand in France a few decades later.  Get this - they completely abandoned animal based ingredients way back in 1991!  They are also a socially conscious company and support biodiversity projects and various charities.  Again, I'm impressed.  But hey, you can read more about that here.
Coral Tulip is one of 3 new sheer lipstick colors in the Spring 2014 Opalescence collection.  These lipsticks have the gloss and sheer color of lip balms, yet the wear time was an impressive 3-4 hours for me sans eating.  I found Coral Tulip to be as comfortable as my favorite lip balm, with the extra added benefit of a pop of color that enhanced my lips.  I'm really enjoying the high gloss look of Coral Tulip!
Taken with flash

These are $27, but the heft of the silver tube and the niceness of the formula definitely feels like luxury to me.  I had to restrain myself from buying more colors within a few days of wearing Coral Tulip, although I definitely see myself acquiring more! 
I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but I'm not as pasty winter white anymore.  That would be because of another Clarins product I'm crushin' on, more to come about that soon.


  1. such a pretty color! Clarins was a brand that I always looked over, but now that I've seen this and heard about all of these good qualities, I'm definitely interested!


    1. I seriously love this lipstick. Seriously :-)

  2. Oooh this is so pretty! I LOVE it!!