Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Clinique's A Different Grape Lipstick

Disclaimer:  I received this as a GWP.
A Different Grape surprised me, pleasantly, in several different areas.  First there was how light it feels on, despite the intensity of color.  Second was the color.   Based on how it looked in the tube and by it's name, I was expecting something more purple, you know, grape like.
Described by Clinique as a pinkish grape with a soft shine finish, this actually looks like a deep berry red on me. I found it comfortable to wear with a decent wear time of 3-4 hours sans eating.  By the end of the day my lips wear starting to feel like they needed some lip balm, so I wouldn't say the formula is hydrating, but neither were my lips worse for the wear.
Clinique's Different lipsticks are $15, and while mine was a GWP and thus came in the green tube, are housed in sleek tiered silver tubes.  I'll be using this again, especially for fall when deep berry shades are de rigueur.   Or if spring never really shows up.


  1. Love the Clinique different lipsticks; they were my first high end lipstick and one of my first high end purchases! Thanks for reminding me of these! :) I haven't thought about them in ages!


    1. I was pleasantly surprised, really liked this one!

  2. One of the first lipsticks I tried, it's a good one!