Monday, March 3, 2014

Empties! Products I Used Up in February

Lots of empties this month, so I attempted to group them by category.  Let's get started with what I considered to be essential items during the cold, dry weather - body butters.
  • Pure Fiji Coconut Body Butter:  a holy grail, love how rich it is as well as tropical coconut scent.  
  • Whisk Pomegranate Body Butter:  nice, just received this in my February Birchbox, and it's already gone!
  • Lancome Nutrix Royal Body Butter:  rich and moisturizing, but I'm not a fan of the fragrance.  Regardless, the formula was kind to my winter skin.
  • Natural Heavenly Body Lavender Vanilla 100% Shea Butter:  to die for.  Loved the formula and the scent.  This was a sample from Eco Emi and I must get more.  
Next up are shampoos, none of which stood out particularly.  I'd use them all again if I got samples, but not sure I'd repurchase:
  •  Rite Aid Renewal Sulfate Free Color Protect Moisturizing Shampoo:  Woo, that's a mouthful. 
  • Serge Normant Meta Silk shampoo:  This was part of the mega GWP from SpaceNK's autumn beauty event.  You can see what else I received here.
  • Nick Chavez Advanced Volume shampoo

Next are some miscellaneous items, all of which I really liked!
  • Zoya Remove+:  received as a GWP and it effectively removes polish.  Definite like!
  • DHC Renewing AHA Cream:  Good stuff, this is my second bottle.  I think it's expired, however, hence why I'm tossing with a bit left in it. 
  • Arcona ReoZone SPF 40:  Another GWP from Beauty.com.  I'd wear this when I was working in the yard or walking the dogs on the weekend, makeup free.  There was something about the mousse like texture that was appealing, although the scent was borderline. 
I also used up a few hair and body oils, all of which performed well, but didn't really wow me:

  • Ojon Nature's Golden Elixer
  • Phytolisse Serum de Finition
  • Caudalie Divine Oil

Next are the foil samples used up this month:
  • Fekkai Brilliant Glossing shampoo/conditioner:  liked, which may be a first with me for Fakkai products.
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion:  used for arm swatching, as the new formula doesn't work as well on my lids.
  • Arcona White Tea Purifying Cleanser:  nice, but at $42 for less than 4 ounces?  I just can't see spending that on a cleanser that goes done the drain.
  • Fresh Soy Face Cleanser:  nice, but didn't wow me.
  • MD Formulations Facial Cleanswer:  I'm throwing away a full packet, so that should tell you something.  I couldn't tell it was removing anything, which was confirmed with a used a toner afterwards.  
  • bareMinerals Puifying Facial Cleanser:  I liked, and considering it's more reasonably priced at $20, I would consider purchasing.
  • DHC Velvet Skin Coat:  one of the first silicone based primers I ever tried.  Good, but I'm not a fan of that heavy silicone feel.
Last up are the perfume oils I used this month in my home fragrance burner:
  • Bath & Body Works Essential Oil Cinnamon Bark in Clove Oil:   I must have bought this 10 years ago, and they are now discontinued.  I wore it as a fragrance periodically, and finished what was left in my fragrance burner.
  • Black Alchemy Phoenix Lab assorted perfume oils:  These were are free imps included with purchases that I did not care for as a personal scent.  Perfect for scenting the house, however. 
 That's it for February, happy to be slowly reducing my massive collection!