Friday, July 31, 2015

Advanced Hair Repair System by Arvazallia

Disclaimer:  I received this for testing products in development.
A while back I signed up to become an Arvazallia Insider, which means I occasionally get to try out Arvazallia's haircare products when they are in the development stage.  Arvazallia graciously offers to send the full-sized final products to testers once they are available, which is how I acquired their Advanced Hair Repair System.  I'm about to finish the shampoo, so I thought it was time for a review!
The set arrives nicely packaged in a sturdy box, and is comprised of shampoo, conditioner, and a deep conditioning mask.  All are infused with cosmetic grade Argan and Macadamia oils, are sulfate and paraben free, and are safe for Keratin and color treated hair.
The shampoo is low lathering yet you do get some sudsing action on the second application.  I like that, as my mind still thinks suds = clean, even though I'm quite familiar with sulfate-free shampoos and know that's not necessarily true.  I've got oily hair, which means I do need a shampoo that is gentle enough for color-treated hair yet strong enough to remove oil and product buildup.  The Repair Moisturizing shampoo has performed really well for me, and I would definitely repurchase.  A nickel size works for my super short hair, but I always run of shampoo way before I finish the companion conditioner.

The Repair Daily Conditioner "utilizes a proprietary formulation that fortifies each strand of your hair by sealing the dents and divots found in dry and damaged hair".  It did a good job of detangling (even my super short hair snags a bit without a good conditioner) and did not weigh my hair down. Definitely a good everyday kind of conditioner.  I did have a slight packaging issue with the conditioner, as the push top wanted to come off due to the thickness of the conditioner applying pressure to the top when I squeeze the tube.

The Hydrating Argan Oil Mask is a thicker conditioner that I use after I've colored my hair, which is about every 3 weeks.  If I remember I'll use it once a week or so, but I definitely use it in lieu of the conditioner that comes with my hair color.  All 3 products share the same fragrance, which is pleasant but hard to identify (it's not citrus, floral or vanilla to my nose).
All three products do contain silicones if that's an issue for you (ingredient lists are available on the 3rd picture from the top above).  It would be nice if the ingredients were listed on Arvazallia's site, as I'm one of those that like to look at ingredient lists before I purchase.  The set can be purchased for $49.99 ($110 value), or you can purchase each item separately.  I'm currently testing 2 leave in heat protection sprays that are hitting a sweet spot for me, so I've got to say my experience with Arvazallia has been nothing but positive thus far!

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