Monday, July 6, 2015

Loving Your Unloved v.2: Dollskin Palette by Tarina Tarantino June Usage

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
For those not familiar with my "Loving Your Unloved" series, it's where I chose an item that has languished largely unused for a while and use it for a solid month.  My goal is to either rediscover my love for the item or come to the conclusion that perhaps I'd be better off without it.  The Dollskin blush palette by Tarina Tarantino was my neglected item of choice for the month of June. So let's see if that spark was rekindled or not!
I definitely fell back in love with one of the blushes, the lightest shade called Feather.  It was the shade I gravitated towards each day in June, as Feather is a great natural looking blush for my warm but fair toned complexion.  I used the other 3 colors (Candy Cameo, Carved Rose, Parasol)  mainly as pops of color on the apples of my cheeks after I applied Feather. 
I thought pigmentation on Feather, Parasol, and Carved Rose was quite good, but Candy Cameo needed building up a bit more to get the color shown above.  The finish is lovely though - look at that shimmer! 
I can't say that I see much progress in using this baby up, however, so it's a good thing that powder products last as long as they do.  Here is Dollskin when it was brand spankin' new:
After 3 years of sporadic use, at the beginning of June:
At the end of June:
Can you tell a difference between the beginning and end of June?   Yeah, me neither. 
Even though it's only the second month of the "Loving Your Unloved" series, I can say that focusing on a product for a solid month is helping me to identify the colors (especially in palettes), that I really use.  I've also found myself still reaching for May's neglected item of choice, Urban Decay's Naked palette (in particular Virgin, Sin, Buck, and strangely Darkhorse, which I was stumped by initially).  I think I'll be reaching for Feather more often now, which makes Dollskin a keeper (not that there was any doubt).  Now, just need to decide on July's Loving Your Unloved choice....

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