Thursday, July 2, 2015

Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer #2

Did anybody else take advantage of Sephora's Armani Beauty VIB trio GWP recently?  I was most enticed by the Fluid Sheer #2, although the opportunity to try the Black Ecstasy mascara and the Lip Maestro 400 held  appeal as well.  Today I'll be showing you the Fluid Sheer #2.
I've had experience with one other Fluid Sheer, the peach hued #5 (full review here).  It left me a bit ambivalent, as it didn't really work as a blush nor did it show up much as an lumizer when mixed with a foundation.  Considering the $62 price tag, I wasn't convinced on the merits of the Fluid Sheers.  I'm happy to say that the beige Fluid Sheer #2 could change my mind. 
My favorite way to wear luminizers is mixed with my foundation, although patting this on the high planes of your face with a damp Beauty Blender works for focused highlights.  Mixed with foundation provides an all over subtle glow that brings life to my complexion without making it look oily.  Consdering my skin is oily to begin with, I want glow as opposed to shiny, and Fluid Sheer #2 delivers the goods.
Here I'm wearing Fluid Sheer #2 combined with SuperGoop's CC cream in Light to Medium.
Fortunately, the shipping gods at Sephora included two of the Armani VIB beauty trios in my box for some reason, so I should have enough Fluid Sheer #2 to last for a while.  Très lovely.  Also apropos of nothing, I'm watching Kung Fu Hustle as I'm typing, and it's fantastic fun!

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