Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Very Charming Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint by Tata Harper

Tata Harper's Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tint is designed to bring color and skincare together, combining "lush natural pigments with the latest in antiaging skincare technology".  I'm a fan of cream blushes, so was interested to see how this upscale natural and organic line delivered.
Very Charming is one of six available shades, a classic petal-pink designed to give cheeks a realistic flush.  The finish is dewy, and a peek at the ingredients gives me a good indication as to why, as  coconut, sunflower, and castor oils are the first 3 ingredients.  On the plus side, I didn't feel the need to wear a highlighter as my cheeks fairly glowed without one.  The texture on the skin is slightly tacky but not overwhelmingly so.
Very Charming is $35, and if you are looking for a more reasonably priced blush with a similar finish, you may want to check out the BareMinerals Pop of Passion blushes.  Those are limited edition, however, and may not be available for much longer.  You can see the Natural Passion shade here, but Posy Passion looks like it may be similar in color to Very Charming.
(left) BareMinerals Natural Passion, (right) Tata Harper Very Charming
Overall, a lovely blush (I never tried it as a lip tint), and if you are looking for 100% natural formula with quality ingredients, this is a winner.  Tata Harper products are manufactured in small batches in their Vermont laboratory for the freshest possible products, and I'm interested in trying more.  Just be aware that the shelf life on these is going to be shorter due to the all natural formulas, as I discovered recently with a Tata Harper travel-sized serum that had gone bad.  It was my fault for not using it immediately after receiving it as a GWP, always a hazard with my stockpile of beauty products.

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