Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Clementine Perfume Oil by Melissa Flag

Disclaimer:  I purchased this.
I love perfume oils, they are probably my favorite way to wear fragrance.  Most of the perfume oils that I own are from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, but I decided to branch out and try a new to me fragrance by Melissa Flag.
Clementine ($36) is a white floral inspired by the orange blossom laced air in Palm Springs that creator Melissa Flagg experienced as a teen.  Notes listed are orange blossom, jasmine and honeysuckle.  I love honeysuckle so that was what drew me in initially as I read over the note lists of the various Melissa Flagg perfumes available at Beautyhabit.com.  
My initial impression of Clementine freshly applied on my skin is the orange blossom, but it's got a milky quality that invokes the flower, leaves and stem.  It smells very realistic to me and I do not get a chemical or synthetic vibe.  It quickly morphs to honeysuckle on my skin, which is fine by me.  However, the entire fragrance is so short lived and by the 2 hour mark I can no longer smell anything.  At all.  So disappointing.
Yes, I can carry the rollerball with me and reapply, but in general fragrance oils wear really well on my skin so I'm not sure why Clementine has such a short life span.  I've been layering it with another white floral, Sephora's Monoi Nourishing body butter with Tahitian gardenia flower extract, which I picked up on sale for $7 at sephora.com.  I believe the scent is now discontinued, but it's a quite lovely scent and formula, and between Clementine and the Monoi body butter layering duo, I've got a hot house white floral fragrance that is working for me on these sweltering summer days.

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