Monday, April 9, 2012

Laura Geller Baby Cakes Baked Blush Palette

You know how you have some makeup item that you used a lot when you first got it but isn't getting much love now?   That's probably not that unusual for product junkies.  The Baby Cakes Baked Blush Palette is one such item for me.  I think I haven't used it much recently because it seemed like I had to really layer on the blush for it to show up.  That may be true, as I swatched the blushes rather heavily to get the colors below.  However, that may not be unusual for baked blushes, or shadows for that matter.
Sugar Free Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Golden Apricot, Sunswept
When you see swatches of baked eyeshadows, you usually see a dry swatch and then a wet swatch.  The wet ones are always more vivid, as the pigment just comes alive somehow when applied wet.  That's not really an option for blush however.  Anyhow....these really are lovely blushes, and I'm going to start using them again now that I've reestablished that in my mind.   Plus, they are mineral oil and paraben free.  Besides, look how pretty the swirls of color are:-) 
Sugar Free Raspberry

 Sugar Free Raspberry is the only matte blush in the palette and is a soft berry pink.
Pink Grapefruit

 Pink grapefruit is a pink shimmer.
Golden Apricot
 Golden apricot is a soft coral with gold shimmer.

Sunswept is a more brownish coral and might be a good bronzer for some.  Here you can the colors in comparison to each other.
Sugar Free Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit, Golden Apricot, Sunswept
The retractable brush in this palette was useless to me, which is usually my experience with blush brushes included in sets.  The palette is $39.75 and is available at Laura Geller, Ulta, Amazon, and various other online retailers.  Interestingly enough, on Amazon I saw this listed for $134.84 from Groceries to Your Door.  Crazy!

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