Sunday, April 29, 2012

NOTD: Mermaid Spell by Layla

I picked up two of the  Hologram Effect Polishes by Layla recently, Mermaid Spell and Flash Back.  This was my first foray into holographic polishes, and from reading other blogs I had determined that I'd either have to buy a special base coat or use a nail buffer to prime my nails.  So, I also got the Layla nail buffer, which did buff my nails to a pretty shine while I waited for the Layla polishes to be restocked online at Ulta, as they were all sold out.  Fortunately, the next week I was able to get the polishes.

I decided to try Mermaid Spell first, and it's been a learning process.  The first coat was sheer, the second better, the third even better, but wait, I see bald patches.  It's almost as if putting the next layer on re-wets the previous layer.  So, I did a fourth, somewhat thick, coat and called it a day.  Fortunately, these dry super fast!  I'd read that top coats dull the holographic effect, so did not use one.

Mermaid Spell is a gorgeous light blue that definitely flashed with holographic glory.  I admired my nails to no end in the sun, but did not take pictures as I usually do that the next day.  Mistake, big mistake.  After showering the next day, my nails had major tip damage, just from washing my hair.  Okay, this is a fragile polish.  Also fortunately (or unfortunately), this removes in a breeze.  I repainted (3 coats this time) and used Seche Vite as a top coat, dulling be damned.   They still looked pretty vibrant to me. 
However, I scoured the web to see what others had done to extend wear time.  One blogger recommended applying several coats of Layla, then a top coat, and then a final layer of Layla.  So I applied a final coat of Mermaid Spell, used dry shampoo the next day, hoping to get at least one more day of wear.  I ended up with 3 days of wear.  I've also seen recommendations to use a fast drying top coat as a base coat.  I really do like how beautiful this polish is, but will have to make my peace with the limited wear time.

The last two pictures are with Mermaid Spell over the topcoat.  I can't tell a difference in the holographic effect between using a topcoat versus not using one, personally.

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