Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butters in Sweet Tart and Berry Smoothie

Sweet Tart, Berry Smoothie
Two Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in pink shades to show you today!  Sweet Tart is a vibrant but not quite Barbie pink cream.  I like it better than Strawberry Shortcake, which I also have, as it's not quite as chalky looking on me.  It looks more vivid in the tube than it applies, but still packs enough color to show up on your lips. 
Sweet Tart
Berry Smoothie is a rosy pink with shimmer.  Both feel comfortable on my lips and provide enough hydration and shine that I don't feel the need to put something else on top. Every time I see a sale on these I want to pick up more, but I've already got all the colors that would look good on me!
Berry Smoothie
Top Berry Smoothie, bottom Sweet Tart


  1. I have Sweet Tart, and I really like it, but I have never seen Berry Smoothie before. However, now that I know it exists, I must have it! Thanks for this post.

    1. These have really set off my collecting instinct. I've had to stop myself from buying colors that I know would not look good on me!