Sunday, April 8, 2012

NOTD: Ya'll Come Back Ya Hear? and Rainbow Connection Jelly Sandwich

Thought I'd try a jelly sandwich since I recently got OPI's Ya'll Come Back Ya Hear?, my first polish with a jelly or sorbet (as OPI calls this particular translucent, squishy looking finish).  When I was looking at glitters to use, Rainbow Connection from last year's OPI Muppets Collection jumped out at me and seemed like a good candidate given it's multi-colored glitters in various shapes and sizes.

I used two coats of Ya'll Come Back, then one coat of Rainbow Connection, topped with two more coats of Ya'll Come Back and one of Seche Vite.  Otherwise know as a jelly sandwich.  Ya'll Come Back applied very well and would probably require about 3 coats on it's own for opaqueness.  Rainbow Connection is a dense glitter and was a bit gloppy, so I had to push it around some for placement.

Rainbow Connection Macro
This orange jelly polish may become a favorite, as I love the shade and ease of application.   I got it as part of the OPI File in Style set, a nice way to discover some polishes that were not on my radar.  In fact, I may have to look for some more jelly polishes, as I really like the finish on them!


  1. Beautiful!! What a great combo for a jelly sandwhich =)

    1. Thank you! I'm going to be looking for more jelly polishes - I really like how they look.

  2. Looks beautiful! I'm so sad that rainbow connection sold out where I live so quickly and I couldn't get hold of it :( I recently bought CG's techno to try to dupe it but I don't think I did!
    I just discovered your blog and I love it.


    1. Thanks! I was fortunate to get my hands on Rainbow Connection when I did - it went fast. You can still get it on Amazon.com, but it's at least twice the original price now.